Sanaullah Sajid Mukhtiar

Download Paint Net software free

The tabs display a live thumbnail of the image instead of a text description.3D Rotate/Zoom effects make it very easy to add perspective and tilting.In order to navigate multiple images easily, Paint.NET uses a tabbed document interface.
Every feature of Paint.NET, including the user interface, was designed to be immediately intuitive and easy to learn without assistance.Layers are likened to a stack of transparency slides that, when viewed together at the same time, form an image.Paint.NET uses a layers system to form the basis for rich image composition.Paint.NET is free image and photo manipulation application for the Windows platform.Special effects tools include: blurring, sharpening, red-eye removal, distortion, noise and embossing.Image manipulation tools include: brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, curves, and levels. You can also convert an image to black and white, or sepia.

Type:exe in zip,