Sanaullah Sajid Mukhtiar

Download zombie reaper-zombie game for android

Remember that don't let them bite you.Zombie raiders is an online only multi player post apocalyptic simulation game.Zombies are weak at the neck and head part so try to shoot them at head part to see that head shot effect.Unique weapons with innovative upgrade mechanism.You are the grim peaper in zombie hell shoot the head of them bring them away.

Develop your skills with the skill developer and play as an inventive character.Then you can get high score.To face living dead there are super are equipments and mechanical devices.Shooter faster.Shoot the head of them.Set against modern spaces like the metro station for a realistic game play.Take part in an intense zombie blasting actin shooter game play inside an arcade.Optimized interface for a touch based device.Put your creativity and survival skills to the test building structures crafting tools and weapons.More than 10 type unprecedented evil zombies.Scavenging for resources and protecting your safe place from the hoards of enemies.Aspire to become a first class contract you killer.3D shooting game.Tuned for a counter strike defense pattern.Zombie shooter in a 3d environment.Pick up your heavy weapon to break them into pieces.Experience them unlimited thrill of killing a zombie via simulation.

Size  :38.03MB
Type :Apk