Sanaullah Sajid Mukhtiar

Download Extreme shooting adventure for android

Extreme shooting adventure is the kind of game where a top sniper can shoot and fight by himself with a whole army of terrorists and enemies.You are going to need to have good aim and good timing if you want to shoot the targets before they hit the ground.

The new world wide shooting army mission center is searching for the best trained soldiers to stand up against the most extremely enemies of the century.This first person shooter will put your skills to the test.Stay focus and survey around death in a 3d unique experience and become a master in sniper missions and death shooting.If you can complete your missions you will show the world that you deserve the title of elite sniper.You will start your task be shooting and killing around bottles barrels parachutes and soldiers are just few of the things you have to shoot in order to win this game.If you have ever considered your self to have the shooting skills to be an elite sniper them you will want to prove it by playing the extreme shooting adventure game.The ultime goal of this training mission is to get you ready for a bigger zombies war where you will be in charge with searching and shooting all the zombies that invades our planet earth.If you already have some experience in counter strike and zombie war shooting you will soon recognize your killer goal.

Size       :15.71MB
Version :1.7.5
Type     :Apk.