Sanaullah Sajid Mukhtiar

Download combat tactical ops game for android

you commander sniper shooters elite commandos and a modern equipped special forces team to counter the threat.Face off in several waves of combat action.Financed by drug cartels organized crime gangsters has built up an army of advanced rocket weapons trained troops tanks gunship helicopter.

Large collection of weapons sniper rifles missiles pistols rpg artillery cannons and more.Gangsters have declared war on your homeland.Ride a jeep and shoot down gangster soldiers bike gangs tanks and attack choppers.Your country is under siege and you need to use artillery and rocket to defend against the mighty gangsta army of infantry tank and lead a group of commandos to make your last stands on your beloved country backyard.Optimized small sized downloads.You attack the gangsters training ground to try to stem the growth of this ominous illegal force.The fate your nation lies in your hand commander.Good Luck.

Size        :3.38MB
Version  :1.0
Type      :Apk