Sanaullah Sajid Mukhtiar

Download wave to unlock & lock apps for android free

You can use this application instead POWER BUTTON. Wave to unlock screen is an app use Proximity sensor to capture the user waving in front of the screen.Wave to unlock is allows you to lock and unlock you device just by waving your hand over the proximity sensor.Playing with the Android emulator on your computer is a pretty geeky endeavor, but Wave makes it easy to accomplish on your Windows PC. By the way: you can turn off your screen with this application by using proximity sensor.

Download thousands of apps online via app stores within wave unlock lock. High performance - The fastest way to run Android on pc. Easy to use - Easy to install. Easy to import and run apps Feature:
You can wave your hand to unlock device.
You can wave your hand to lock device.
Wave to unlock: Unlock the screen by waving hand over the device screen.
When your phone / tablet is locked, waving your hand over the sensor
to wake screen up.
Click start to enable this application.
If your mobile phone / tablet has Proximity Sensor, you can use this App to
Unlock the Screen.
App uses Proximity Sensor to capture the user's waving in front of the screen
to unlock the screen.
You can increase or decease the sensitivity of your sensor.

Size  :1.50Mb
Type :Apk
Version 1.0.2