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Download Media player apps for android free

Media player is the best video player and music player for android.Live Media player is an app that Allows you to stream a ton of videos directly from your android device, as long as you have a good internet connection.Media player finds all your videos automatically for you.Just put your video on sdcard or click the url in browser to watch it.Media player load external subtitle with same name of video automatically and support.M3u playlist.You can use these apps to access channels that you usually to pay for and stream them for free.
It s worth mentioning that this is of course illegal and you shouldn't do it.Media player provides a powerful wifi transfer function upload and download video files to from your phone over a wiresless
connectionHowever with these apps you can..Now although live media player is very useful when it comes to playing videos online,its not the only thing that it good for.Live media player is an excellent video player that makes  it possible for you to wath hd channels online using your phone.It doesn't require any special software on the android so can use it anywhere.
Computer Games
)Hardware accelereation can be applied to more videos with the help of new h/w decoder.
2)Codec plugin.
3)Supports all video formats.
4)Mutil core decoding device performance is up to 70% better them single core devices.
5)Playlists and continus play
6)Supports HD videos and HD video playing memory optimiztion.

Size   :12.38MB
Type :Apk